Yolanda Guma Residence is both a male & a female residence with two buildings (each assigned for each gender), and it has a cubage of 170 students. Yolanda Guma residence is at 2nd Avenue Campus, its closer to the campus' lecture halls & shuttle stop. The shopping centre (Summerstrand Village), the beach & the Boardwalk Entertainment Centre are a walking distance from the Res.

There are different facilities available to make students' lives much easier. These facilities include Computer lab, Study Centre, Conference Room, TV rooms (separately for the ladies & gents), DSTV, and Unlimited Wi-Fi & Washing Machines.

Yolanda Guma Residence embraces all the six institution's values, more specifically Diversity. This is portrayed by the presence of students coming from different provinces across the country & others from international countries. YG's biggest stronghold is the established family structure strong enough to support each & every resident in the way that family do. In addition, the Res Manager plays more of the motherly role & YG becomes your second home.

The residence creates an environment that enhances students to build and polish their leadership, political & social skills. Yolanda Guma Residence opportunities to students to completely build themselves entirely, to be equipped wise & creative members of the community in the near future.


Our Mission

To intensify exceptional level of living and learning environment with homely, peaceful, safe, clean and academically motivating environment. 
Invigorate academic excellence with activities that are beyond the classroom for all students.

Our Vision

To generate best citizens, great, innovative & creative future leaders for the better ness of the world.

Contact information
Ms Charity Ntseoane
Residence Manager, Yolanda Guma Residence - Second Avenue Campus
Tel: +27 41 504 3839